Mayor of South Dublin and Sinn Féin Councillor, Fintan Warfield has welcomed the support by South Dublin County Council for his motion calling on the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to adopt an industrial relations policy that ends zero hour contracts, supports banded hour and full time contracts, protecting vulnerable workers creating a benchmark for sustainable decent employment.

The local Sinn Féin Councillor for the Templeogue, Greenhills and Firhouse area said:

“Low pay, zero and low hour contracts and precarious employment conditions are an increasing problem that is exasperating the broader economic inequality workers are now faced with.“Ireland has one of the highest rates of underemployment in the EU and low pay in the OECD, with one in five people on the live register in casual or part-time employment, and this trend is now entrenched in the labour force since Fine Gael and Labour took up office.

“Despite the fall in unemployment, if we add those on activation schemes and the 65s and over in receipt of a jobseekers payment or credit to the latest live register figures, 20% of the current labour force is are excluded from secure regular paid employment.

“We need to be very clear on the changing dynamic of the labour market. Flexibility is code for the casualization of employment. This is why underemployment and low pay is on the rise. Zero hour contracts are a form of worker exploitation that is particularly corrosive for economic and social cohesion. In short these contracts are bad business, for workers and for employers.”