Following Governments announcement of changes to the Gender Recognition Bill, Mayor of South Dublin County Council and Sinn Féin Councillor Fintan Warfield has congratulated TENI, the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland, on their campaign for recognition.

Warfield said;

“I wish to congratulate the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland on their campaign which has ensured that the Gender Recognition Bill will no longer make it necessary for trans people over 18 years of age to have medical or psychological testimony to legally change their gender.

“For the first time, Ireland’s trans community have real and genuine equality, with the Bill also no longer containing a forced divorce clause.

“Despite improvements and changes to this bill, Government must ensure that vulnerable trans young people have the upmost protection on the books of their state.

“Most LGBTQI+ young people understand difference from a young age. The vocabulary may not be there to describe that difference but legislation must be in place to protect our young people. A Court process will still be required for those under the age of 18, involving supporting medical statements, before an application for a gender recognition certificate can be made.

“Without legal protection, young people will still be open to discrimination. Government must work closely with the trans community to address their concerns”.