At the September meeting of South Dublin County Council, Mayor Fintan Warfield proposed a reduction of 15% in the property tax for residents across South Dublin.

Proposing the reduction, Fintan Warfield said:

“Families will not accept talk of a recovery unless they see evidence of that recovery in their daily lives.

“The reduction will put money back into peoples pockets and see a stimulus of over 4.8 million spent in our local economy, in newsagents, butchers, hardwares, etc.

The proposal, seconded by Councillor Cathal King and supported by the Sinn Féin team will now ensure that South Dublin County Council will use it’s powers under current legislation to reduce the tax by the maximum allowable 15%.

Cllr. Cathal King concluded:

“The property tax is a regressive tax that is inflicted on all home owners regardless of their ability to pay.

“Our commitment is to abolish this regressive tax when in government.”