Dublin Sinn Féin today announced its priorities in an effort to achieve a cultural landscape that is equitable and fair for all of Ireland’s artists, encouraging to its future artists and immersive for all of its patrons and citizens.

Speaking from the Sinn Féin policy conference in Dublin, Cllr. Fintan Warfield said;

“Sinn Féin take pride in Ireland’s vibrant artistic history – across myriad art forms – and will campaign to ensure that such a record is upheld and added to into the future.

“The Creative Communities document is underpinned by republican values, proclaimed by the leaders of 1916, who were cultural as much as political activists.

“A republican understanding of the arts is one that champions accessibility for all, in both creation and consumption.”

The Creative Communities document outlines a number of key proposals, including the reinstatement of funding for the arts, and for public expenditure to be brought into line with European Member State GDP average.

Other proposals call for the overhaul of state boards, safeguarding the right of every young person to explore their creative potential and challenging in order to broaden our own perceptions of what constitutes ‘art’ in an effort to bring more voices into discourse and practice.

Warfield concluded;

“Policies adopted and cuts imposed by Government do a disservice to our vibrant legacy and create a cultural atmosphere that is inert rather than dynamic.”

Read the Creative Communities document here.