To whom it may concern,

I recently received contact from the Parents Association of St. Peter’s BNS, Greenhills and countless phone calls from individual parents of students in the school. The Association stressed their disappointment and frustration with the ongoing process of amalgamation of Greenhills schools.

The Association were recently given one hour to raise any questions and concerns, none of which were answered. They also requested that a survey be carried out, with no response to date.

In a letter written to Sinn Féin, dated 28/03/14, Minister Ruairí Quinn stressed that “any proposed changes must be well planned and managed in a manner that accommodates the interests of students, parents, teachers, local communities and contributes to an inclusive education system.”

As Mayor, there is an onus on me to do whatever I can to ensure that both the parents and staff are an integral part of this amalgamation process. The parents are asking for open and transparent communication between the trustees and the school community. A more strategic, respectful, consultative process will ensure a successful, solid outcome for the new schools.

As stakeholders in the school, parents should be involved in what is a very important juncture in the schools history and this process should be made easier for all involved by engaging and keeping the parents of St. Peter’s BNS up to date on developments and future changes.

Can communication between the schools, Archdiocese and parents be improved?

Thank you for your consideration. If you wish to contact me regarding the above, please, do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Fintan Warfield.

Mayor of South Dublin County Council.