In advance of Budget 2018, Sinn Féin Seanad spokesperson for the Arts Senator Fintan Warfield has called on the government to enhance investment in the cultural sector.

In the Sinn Féin Alternative Budget 2018, proposals include:

  • An increased investment of €6.5 million in the Arts Council. (10% increase)
  • An increased investment of €0.5 million in Culture Ireland. (14% increase)
  • An increased investment of €4 million in the National Cultural Institutions. (10% increase)
  • An increased investment of €2 million in the Irish Film Board. (15% increase)
  • A funding increase for Heritage (including Moore Street and Cultúrlann) of €5.25million.
  • Implementation of a new Artist Studio Space Scheme worth €5 million.
  • Development of a National Youth Arts Strategy with an implementation programme worth €5 million.

Senator Warfield said:

“Without painters and dancers, performers and musicians, writers and storytellers, there is no film industry, no television or radio, nothing on stage or the walls of our galleries, and nothing in print. There is no Culture without people and without artists.

“Sinn Féin’s priority for the Arts in Budget 2018 is focused on the people who choose to devote their lives or a portion of their lives to cultural expression, and to the protection of our heritage.

“We also recognise the importance of bringing more voices into discourse and practice, recognising the true diversity of the arts. The transformative effect of cultural activity to the individual, the audience and to society must be given greater recognition as our economy recovers. No citizen can go about their day without engaging with the arts.”