Sinn Féin spokesperson on Youth, Arts and LGBTQI rights Senator Fintan Warfield wishes the trans community, allies and friends a safe, happy and healthy trans pride as the first protest march takes place in Dublin today.

Marching with Sinn Féin at the Dublin trans pride march today, Senator Warfield said:

“Today’s march is a special event that celebrates trans and non-binary identities.

“While the Gender Recognition laws look set to become one of the most progressive models in the world, there are still an array of issues that need action immediately.

“Issues such as a trans healthcare system that works off a medical-diagnostic model which doesn’t comply with WHO or WPATH guidelines, or our response to trans people’s mental health, where 78% of the Irish trans community have had suicidal thoughts.

“Our Government can do such much more in their response to meeting the needs of the transgender community and I call on government ministers to further engage with the trans community regarding meeting those needs.”