Sinn Féin Senator and LGBTQI+ activist Fintan Warfield has wished the LGBTQI+ community, allies and friends across the island a safe, happy and healthy Pride. Senator Warfield also sent solidarity and love to all those affected by the tragic events in Orlando.

Dublin Pride takes place today, Saturday 25th June. The march assembles at the Garden of Remembrance at 12 noon.

Senator Fintan Warfield said:

“I want to wish the LGBTQI+ community, allies and friends across the island a safe, happy and healthy Pride.

“I want to give a special welcome to those who join the protest for their first time. I recall still being in the closet as I marched in my first Dublin Pride parade with Sinn Féin friends and comrades. Without direct knowledge, they alongside all of the participants provided a safety net, and facilitated my being there.

“All of those marching today understand acutely what it means not to be in a position to join the protest and celebration that is Dublin Pride.

“In an effort to promote inclusion and to reach out to those struggling with their sexuality, I believe there to be an onus on public service broadcasters to cover the occasion in a meaningful manner. Dublin Pride has quickly become the second largest festival parade after St. Patrick’s Day.

“This year’s Dublin Pride follows the harrowing, tragic, and senseless attack on the LGBTQI+ community in Orlando, which devastatingly left 49 people dead. The news from Florida struck our community to its very core and Dublin Pride will undoubtedly reflect that sombre mood.

“Sinn Féin activists again take the opportunity to send love and solidarity as we continue to come to terms with the distress and devastation of the attack.

“Dublin Pride began following a public outcry and response to the homophobic murder of Declan Flynn. To this day, Republicans continue to support Pride, marching visibly, publicly and proudly against persecution and discrimination.”