Sinn Féin spokesperson for the arts, youth affairs and LGBTQI rights, Senator Fintan Warfield, speaking from Sinn Féin’s away day in Co. Meath, claimed that Culture Night 2016 offers an insight into the potential of a republic of culture.

Senator Fintan Warfield said;

“Culture Night has become a significant, all-Ireland, national occasion in which cultural institutions open their doors, extend their hours and facilitate engagement with over 350,000 residents.

“Those numbers underline the high levels of public appreciation for cultural and creative activity. Culture is a public good and should therefore be readily available and supported passionately by both states on this island.

“Three thousand events will take place between 5pm and 11pm tomorrow evening, offering an insight into the kind of levels of cultural activity that citizens could expect from a republic of culture, a republic that truly cherishes the arts, its culture and heritage.

“Culture Night showcases our wealth of creative talent and it is of paramount importance that those artists and creators are well resourced and paid fairly for their work.

“Culture Night has also become an all-Ireland occasion, highlighting the positivity of cross border partnership, and the obvious potential for greater all-Ireland initiatives north and south”.