Sinn Féin South Dublin County Councillor Louise Dunne will move a motion on domestic violence at the next South Dublin County council meeting on Monday 8th December.

Speaking today Cllr. Dunne said:

“I will be bringing forward a motion on that calls on the Minister for Justice and Equality, to create further legislative measures to protect women who are the victims of domestic violence.

“I will also call for a multi departmental approach and will ask any relevant departments to commit to increasing funding for vital front line services that many women and children depend on.

“The sad fact is that although there have been many strides forward made in recent decades in relation to attitudes and action taken domestic violence in Ireland, women are still not protected enough in their own homes.   Assault is a crime under Irish law; however, domestic violence is often treated differently.

“I recently held the 1 in 5 national balloon event to create awareness around the scourge of domestic violence at a local level.  The event, held on Tuesday the 25th of November, aimed to demonstrate solidarity with the women who are victims of domestic violence. The event was attended by the Mayor, Fintan Warfield and by several local women.”