Following the publication of the Criminal Assets Bureau annual report today, Mayor Fintan Warfield has called on the Government to release the millions of euro secured by CAB last year, into communities directly affected by the drugs crisis.

Speaking following the launch of a new initiative by the Tallaght Rehabilitation Project in Jobstowns’ Kiltalown House this morning, Mayor Warfield said;

“It is high time for the Government to amend the Proceeds of Crime Acts and finally ensure that monies seized by the Criminal Assets Bureau go back in to communities worst affected by drugs.

“The Criminal Assets Bureau annual report, released this afternoon, details millions of euro obtained for the central exchequer last year.

“It is the view of Sinn Féin that this money should be set aside for the communities worst affected by the drugs trade.

“If Fine Gael and Labour had the political will to fund community organisations across South Dublin County, they could very easily do so by amending the Proceeds of Crime Acts, for use as a funding mechanism for local drug task force projects.”