Mayor of South Dublin County Council and Sinn Féin Councillor for Templeogue-Terenure, Fintan Warfield has called on central government to consider the implementation of rent controls, taking into account the ongoing rise of rents in South Dublin County Council and further afield.

Mayor Warfield said;

“Following a report by the Private Residential Tenancies Board, there is an immediate need for a fairer system of rent regulation.

“Low and middle income families are struggling. Government must move to protect those families from homelessness and begin to alleviate difficulty and hardship.

“The PRTB report shows that rent in the capital has risen by 10% in 2014, on top of previous, annual increases. Many rents are now a third more expensive since Fine Gael and Labour entered Government.

“Across Europe, a system of regulation is used to keep rents at fair rates, affordable to tenants. Those regulations also allow landlords to make a decent living.

“Rent controls must be put in place to curb a further spiralling of rents.”